The US government is on the verge of appointing a claims administrator to handle the voluminous task of reimbursing Full Tilt Poker’s US players. The events of Black Friday, the day on which the US Department of Justice (DoJ) cracked down on Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker, seized their domain names, and slapped criminal cases against 11 key people associated with these poker companies, has led to the exodus of around 50,000 professional poker players from the US, who have now set up camp in various foreign countries just to continue earning their living playing online poker.

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Recently, the US government signed a settlement deal with PokerStars, according to the terms of which PokerStars acquired Full Tilt Poker from the US government for a sum of $731 million. The DoJ will receive $547 million in the form of 3 installments and will use this money to reimburse Full Tilt Poker’s US players. Meanwhile, PokerStars will reimburse Full Tilt Poker players from the rest of the world. The settlement deal has also generated the post of claims administrator, and the DoJ’s official website already displays an advertisement for the same under the title “Claims Administrator – Full Tilt Poker.”

The last date for any interested individual to submit applications for this job is August 31. The DoJ wants a qualified individual with the ability to “design and execute a process to solicit, receive, and evaluate claims, and to process payments, for losses incurred by US victims that are attributable to the fraud alleged in US v. PokerStars et al.” Applicants are expected to reveal any contacts they might have with online poker and online gambling companies that might have an adverse effect on their ability to process the claims in an impartial manner.

According to the job posting, Full Tilt Poker owes as much as $159 million to around 1.3 million US players. The DoJ is using the $225 million it received from PokerStars as the first of the three installments, which makes a total of $547 million that the online poker room has agreed to pay as part of its settlement deal. PokerStars will also spend an extra $184 million in reimbursing Full Tilt Poker’s players from the rest of the world within 90 days of the date of the deal.

The DoJ, for reasons best known to it, has taken it upon itself to reimburse US poker players although PokerStars was willing to do it.

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