Those traveling to Australia in January to take part in the Crown Casino’s Aussie Millions tournament series will have an opportunity not only to win some cash, but pick up some tips as well. The Crown recently announced it has formed a strategic partnership with online poker training site DeucesCracked and several of the instructors will be on-hand in Melbourne to offer a number of poker seminars under the banner of the Aussie Millions Players Academy.
The seminars will be held throughout the duration of the series and will offer advice on No Limit Hold’em, Heads-Up Matches, HORSE, Pot Limit Omaha, 6-Handed No Limit Hold’em and a special seminar designed to prepare students for the Aussie Millions Main Event. All of the seminars save the Main Event seminar will cost $250 to participate. The Main Event seminar is a little pricier and costs $500 to attend. Each seminar lasts two hours, except the Main Event seminar, which will go for four hours. Those interested in attending all of the seminars can purchase an all-inclusive package for $750. The first seminar begins on Friday January 15th and the last one will run on Saturday January 30th. The Aussie Millions is scheduled to run at the Crown from the 14th-31st of January.
Online poker pro and DeucesCracked co-founder Jay Rosenkrantz commented on the new business partnership in an official press release announcing the seminar schedule. “We’re proud to be presenting The Aussie Millions Academy at Crown. The Aussie Millions is a tournament we have wanted to attend for a long time, and it has a great range of events”, he explained. “We’ve set up a series of seminars that reflects the tournament schedule and are bringing all our DeucesCracked specialists to make sure each topic is fully covered.”
Rosenkrantz and his fellow DeucesCraked instructors Emil Patel, Brian Roberts and Dani Stern all appeared on 2009’s G4 television program “2 Months, $2 Million.” Though the quartet fell short of their $2 million goal, the show served as great exposure for the training site and the Crown Casino decided to capitalize on the site’s growing popularity.
“DeucesCracked team were chosen because they have a solid reputation for being an industry leader in uniquely tailored poker related courses, ensuring long-term opportunities at the poker tables for players, who are the ones who have invested in the Aussie Millions and ensure it’s longevity”, said Jonno Pittock, Crown’s Director of Poker.
DeucesCracked co-founder Joe Tall elaborated on the type of information that would be offered at the seminars in the site’s forum. He said the content would be mainly geared towards beginners and intermediate level players, but that there would be plenty of time for Q & A and participants could ask whatever they’d like. DeucesCracked boasts a long list of talented instructors, including Vanessa Selbst, Chris “DeathDonkey” Vitch, Ariel “FoxwoodsFiend” Schneller and Dan “DJ Sensei” Morris.

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