While the US government is moving against the US online poker industry, the states of Iowa and Nevada are moving ahead with their online poker legislations.

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The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission has been asked to study internet poker and its effects by the Iowa State Senate. The study plans to analyse different sections of the online poker industry that concerns legislators, effects of unregulated internet poker, responsible gambling, consumer protection and regulatory recommendations.

The bill that was voted 38-12 will now head to the House for its consideration, and if it were passed in the House then they study would be up for completion by the 1st of December 2011. The arguments regarding the proposed the internet poker law are the same in most of the states like Florida, New Jersey, and California. Here, those American poker players who speak for the law talk about how millions of dollars can be raised for the state and the ones who speak against the law talk about how expanding gambling within the state borders would affect the market.

In Nevada, the bill AB 258 concerns with setting up a regulated and taxed online gaming structure in Nevada has cleared a committee vote. There were several alterations made on AB 258 and they include creating an intrastate poker framework rather than the interstate or global operation. The Governor’s concern is that a global online poker operation would conflict with the Federal Law.

Following the events of Black Friday, Wynn Resorts and Fertitta Interactive, ended their agreements to enter the online poker industry, with PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker respectively.

The actions of PokerStars concerning their lobby against the passage of AB 258 have brought a lot of heat on many politicians involved in the matter. PokerStars has made campaign contributions through a political action committee (PAC) to several big political campaigns including that of Governor Sandoval. They also contributed to several top Nevada PACs, the contributions amounted to $272000. Although they have been returned by respective campaigns, the effects of the lobbying against AB 258 will be seen soon enough.

The US government’s move to shut down three big online poker sites has also been questioned by the Caribbean government and the WTO.

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