Last week, the Las Vegas Sun reported how Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards weigh in on the prospect of legalizing and regulating internet gambling.This was one of the major issues the candidates had to tackle during the build up to the Nevada presidential nominations caucuses, which took place Friday.

The candidates’ positions, as summarized by the Las Vegas Sun (bracketed additions made by Tight Poker):

Clinton: Supports the industry’s [American Gaming Association’s] position: to study Internet gambling to see whether it can be fairly regulated so that individuals can safely participate in it and American businesses can compete in the international market.

Edwards: Opposes legalization, doubting it can be controlled.

Obama: Worries that the Internet is “a Wild West of illegal activity”; supports a study of Internet gambling and supports regulation to address the worst abuses.

As a result of these positions, the Poker Players Alliance revised its grades of the candidates in regards to how favorable they are for internet poker players.Clinton was given a “B,” Obama a “B-,” and Edwards, understandably, was given an “F.”

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