The year 2012 has certainly made its mark upon the poker community in the US. As the United States Justice Department takes tiny baby steps to allow legalized online gaming, Americans rejoice and await their state governments to move in sync with the Federal plan. Nevada was among the first to legalize certain aspects of online gambling. Following suit is Delaware, as it becomes the second state to authorize online poker.
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This would seem like an early Christmas for poker enthusiasts in Delaware, as the Delaware Governor Jack Markell finally signed a bill to authorize online poker. The move followed the Gaming Competitiveness Act signed by the Delaware Senate, just a day before Governor Markell authorized it. New Jersey still seems far from signing a pro-poker bill as NJ Governor Christie, has vetoed a bill similar to Delaware’s when it was introduced in the senate last year. However, in Delaware’s case it was quite obvious that Governor Markell would support the move to legalize online poker.
In a recent phone interview, Delaware Representative John Viola said, “It was the governor’s bill. They produced the bill and I just pointed some things out that should be looked at. It’s their bus and I was just the driver.”
However, Viola confirmed reports that it would definitely take at least six months before the Delaware lottery formulates the rules and regulations that govern the online gaming. Viola predicts, somewhere in the beginning of 2013, the platform would be tested and ready to be used by the public.
Under the control of the Delaware State Lottery, three casinos will introduce gaming websites of which, two are publicly traded companies; while the other is a privately owned one. Although Delaware is the second state to legalize online gambling and gaming, it still remains the first in the country to authorize full scale online gaming. While Nevada will offer legalized poker to its citizens, Delaware will also offer Casino games and online lottery tickets.
One other thing that Delaware casinos would need to take into consideration would be to create successful internet poker sites that would ensure liquidity. Considering the fact that Delaware is among the sixth-least populous state in the US, a change is imminent if the poker traffic increases exponentially as poker players look to play in an online poker friendly state.

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