December 30th, 2005

Multi-table Poker Tournament Finish

Having recently got back into town, I’ve been innundated with answering emails all day. So, I decided to fire up PokerStars and play in a few multi-table tournaments while I worked (this is a bad habit, don’t follow my example!). I got unceremoniously knocked out of a $5 no limit turbo tournament, got decently far in a $10 no limit tournament and then somehow managed to start accumulating chips with a hot run of cards in my $20 NL MTT game. After a few hours, I realized I was chip lead and started really focusing on the game.
After closing all my programs and focusing on poker, that’s when I started playing like a monkey and sucked out three different people to build a commanding 700k vs 200k stack of chips when it got down to the final two from a starting pool of around 650 players. Of course, I quickly donated 200k to my opponent, putting him up at 400k. I then decided that it would be rather embarassing to lose with this kind of chip advantage, so I finally chipped him down over time and took home my first multi-table tournament win. The ironic part is that I just wanted to get more FPP points since PokerStars is running a double FPP bonus until the end of the year.
Lastly, I’m glad that I finally have some credentials to write a multi-table tournament guide! 😉
December 23rd, 2005

Look out Party Poker, here comes PokerStars!

PokerStars has just announced the release of their VIP club, which is surely going to make ripples in their competition against Party Poker’s VIP program. I see that PokerStars offers the Porsche Cayman in their SuperNova VIP store for 3,000,000 FPP points, which is obviously reserved for the professional 8-tabler player, but still.. it’s a beautiful sight to see in the FPP store versus the regular old merchandise of before! Other neat goodies include buy-ins to weekly tournaments, Dell monitors, plasma TVs, real clay poker chip sets, iPod Nanos and the list goes on. It’s pretty sick. No.. it IS sick! Major kudos to PokerStars.
Of course, if you want a REAL chance of getting a Porsche Cayman, your best bet is with the raffle at EuroPoker for simply depositing and getting 200 points. Because we can all dream, right? Merry Christmas all, I’m really heading out this time. See ya’ll next week.
December 21st, 2005

$1,000 Empire Poker Tournament Freeroll

Empire Poker is joining with TightPoker to offer a $1,000 tournament freeroll, available only to members of this site. All that is required is that you sign up for Empire Poker through this site and make a minimum deposit. You get a $35 deposit bonus from Empire Poker, a $5,000 freeroll and then entry into the TightPoker $1,000 freeroll as well. You can find more details in the freeroll forum (registration required).
Also, I will be more or less vanishing from the site and the forum for the next week, due to the holidays. I hope most of you are able to spend time with your families, friends and loved ones, so happy holidays, Merry Christmas and all that good jazz!
December 19th, 2005

Congratulations – Poker Tournament Freerolls

Congratulations and thanks to the members of the forum who participated in the $500 Noble Poker freeroll as well as the $150 PokerStars poker tournament freeroll. It was good seeing the veterans all come out for the first freeroll and also seeing the popularity of the public freeroll at PokerStars. This site has really attracted quite a bit of attention lately in the internet poker realm and it really shows.
In the meantime, there will be more freerolls planned and coming out very soon, including a very special charity poker freeroll that I will be proud to announce. More details coming soon. Lastly, in a Reuters article about Party Gaming (operators of Party Poker), it says that 40% of players at Party Poker are playing blackjack through the site. This is meant to appease the investors, as this boosted their short term revenue; but again, only hurts their poker platform in the long term. Really hate seeing Party Poker pull this type of move, but they are a business I suppose.
December 13th, 2005

Two new poker sites, two great bonus offers is offering a 100% up to $150 bonus for all new players and also offers daily $600 freerolls (10x clear rate for the bonus). Use the INVITE code TIGHT when you register to get the bonus. is also offering a 100% up to $150 sign-up bonus for new players (also use INVITE code TIGHT when you create a new poker account). EuroPoker is also having a neat Porsche competition, where the first 1,000 depositors are eligible to win a free porsche. With the bonus offer and good 10x clear rate, this is a very good deal, so it gets the official seal of approval.
Lastly, more freerolls on the horizon soon. Over $1,000 in freerolls alone this month so far, so sign up for the mailing list (look on the right) if you want to be included in emails on how to participate in the events. Also, work on the new hand history replayer is still going on, but hopefully it will be out in time for Christmas, with support for Party Poker, PokerStars and other major sites. Stay tuned.
December 7th, 2005

$500 and $150 Freerolls

TightPoker $500 Freeroll on, for members of the Tight and Aggressive club on the forum, on December 17th. There is also a freeroll available to all forum members on Sign up and register in the forums for details on this free tournament.

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