December 26th~
You know the drill. I say this weekend, I really mean next weekend. Oops. I swear I'm quite punctual at work. Anyhow, yes, new Party Poker Replayer is out with Omaha support!

December 16th
Party Poker recently updated the format of their hand histories. The Party Poker replayer may break on new histories. I'll be updating the replayer this weekend to accomodate the new changes by Party Poker. Ugh. That puts a hold on the Omaha for right now.

I'll also be posting a slew of hand histories too, a lot of them not mine actually. I do have one to post, but it shows me getting kicked out the door in 8th in a SnG. Go me! 🙂

December 11th
In case anyone is wonder what I am up to other than work, it's working on getting Omaha support into the replayer 🙂 I'll probably release a "How-to play Omaha Hi/Lo" lesson / replay the same time I release the new replayer. Hi/Lo is a nice change of pace after those grinding sessions of hold'em, so it should be a game everyone should try at least once.

December 3rd
Ok, so releasing a 0.5 megabyte Party Poker replayer and having it downloaded by hundreds of people and maxing out my bandwidth isn't the way to go. I've moved the replayer to be hosted on another site so it'll put less strain here. (Note: Sorry, working on fixing the problems with the other site too, sheesh!)

December 2nd
I've also enlisted the help of my friend Dave to post some poker book reviews up here, as he has a literal library of poker books. I have maybe 5-6 books, tops. Enjoy.

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