David Gutfreund has won the Heartland Poker Tour (HPT) Season X Championship $1,650 buy-in main event, which attracted a field of 465 players and generated a prize pool as large as $666,600. Gutfreund’s poker achievement is noteworthy as he has won the event twice in the past. He later said: “I thought if I got here enough times, I’d run good at a final table. It makes up for a lot of times when things didn’t go my way … It’s a great feeling and I can’t wait to get paid.”

The final table results are as follows. The champion David Gutfreund of Chicago won the first-place prize of $156,649 while the runner-up Shawn Roberts of Springfield won $96,657. Poker players Michael O’Neill of Royal Oak and Cuong Tran of Midland finished third and fourth and won $63,327 and $43,996, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth are Vincet Fiorenza of Oviedo and James Wetherell of Coleman, who won $32,663 and $25,331, respectively. The players who finished eighth and ninth were Antoinette FIorenza of Daytona Beach and Joe Cada of Shelby Township, who won $21,931 and $17,998, respectively. The first player to be eliminated from the final table was Yaroob Kaskorkis of Grand Rapids, who won $14,665.

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Kaskorkis was eliminated because he could not beat Shawn’s pocket sixes. Joe Cada, winner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2009 main event, was the next to leave the table. Cada was playing the HPT final table for the second time and could not beat Wetherell’s pocket aces, especially when the river turned up a Five of Hearts.

Among the finalists was a mother-son duo from Florida—Antoinette Fiorenza and Vincent Fiorenza. While the mother Antoinette finished seventh, Vincent was eliminated in the fifth place. Wetherall, Cuon Tran, and O’Neil were eliminated in the sixth, fourth, and third place, respectively.

This left Gutfreund playing heads-up against Roberts with six times more chips. The final hand was played in Level 32, with Roberts betting 360,000 and Gutfreund responding with a three bet. Ultimately, Gufreund won the championship for the third time, while Roberts, who had won it twice in the past, went home as the runner-up.

Gutfreund said: “It feels amazing, it really does. Maybe some of the Massey run good rubbed off on me a little. They’ve been inspirations to my game. I really love the Heartland Poker Tour—these are the events where I belong.”

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