Although the International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) is still in the stage of inception, its creators have already begun publicizing the event. A number of professional poker players have already become ambassadors for the ISPT, and recently another name has been added to this list.

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David Benyamine is the latest professional poker player to become an ambassador for the ISPT. This tour, which is based in Europe, is scheduled to begin in May 2013, but the poker gaming community is already in a state of excitement about it. The ISPT is expected to comprise a number of tours, tournaments, and cash poker events.

The first professional poker player who became an ambassador for the ISPT was Sam Trickett, and professional poker players such as Michael Mizrachi, Liz Lieu, and Patrick Antonius soon followed in the footsteps of Trickett.  ISPT’s newest ambassador is Benyamine, as previously mentioned, and the ISPT is not expected to stop here. The poker tour is expected to sign deals with many more professional poker players, which means that the ISPT is well on its way to becoming the most anticipated live poker event in the history of poker. The poker gaming community is now eagerly waiting to know who will be next to join ISPT’s list of ambassadors.

Benyamine is one of the most formidable of poker cash game players, although he is just as good at tournaments. This professional poker player has earned more than $6.3 million in the course of his eventful poker career, and he doesn’t seem to be in the mood to slow down. He has already won several championship titles playing prestigious poker events such as World Poker Tour (WPT) and World Series of Poker (WSOP).

Last week, while taking part in the Partouche Poker Tour, Benyamine, Lieu, and Antonius wore ISPT batches to show that they were supporting the tour and to do their duties as ambassadors for ISPT. The ambassador team for ISPT is also planning to create a promotion for ISPT soon.

The ISPT will organize a major poker event in London’s Wembley Stadium in May and as many as 30,000 players are expected to take part in it. The event will start in the stands and will then move on to the live poker tournament format. So far, only 3,337 players have registered for this event, but the organizers are quite optimistic that more and more poker players will register in the near future.

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