Daniele Nestola emerged as the champion of the fourth season of the PokerStars.net Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT), which came to an end this week. Since the event coincided with the Brazilian Carnival, a large number of people had flocked to Brazil from far-off countries such as Northern Europe and Canada. One of the participants was Daniel Negreanu, whose presence made this event more exciting than ever.

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Daniele Nestola had a larger stack when he got into the final table, which had a total of 8 players. Juan Gonzalez, the professional poker player from Argentina, was the first player to be knocked off the table. In other words, he finished eighth and won a cool prize of R$26,340 for his efforts.

The last Brazilian player of the field to be knocked off was Vitor Torres, who had a short stack that was no match for the poker prowess of Felipe Morbiducci. He finished seventh and won a prize of R$35,560.

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu, who was apparently in high spirits and was very chatty at the poker table, finished sixth and rose with a prize of R$48,730. At this point of time, Nestola had the largest stack of chips, a position that he kept exchanging with Ibarra every now and again. Finally, it was Jonathan Markovits of Ecuador who was defeated at the hands of Ibarra, as a result of which he finished fifth and collected a prize of R$64,540.

Morbiducci was the first of the two Chilean players at the final tables to rise from the table. He finished fourth when Nestola once again shifted to the position of chip leader and collected a prize of R$89,570.

Once Morbiducci was out, Gaspernio Nicolas stepped ahead of Nestola for a short time, but unfortunately, he was defeated and Nestola was once again the chip leader. However, before he left the table, he knocked off Ibarra, the other Chilean professional poker player. As a result Ibarra finished third, collecting a cash prize of R$148,840.

This left Nestola playing heads up against Nicolas; however, this heads up battle did not last long and finally, Nestola emerged as the champion of the game. The entire final table tournament lasted just slightly more than four hours.

According to the final table results, Daniele Nestola, the champion of the event, won R$289,300. Gasperino Nicolas and Carlos Ibarra, the first and second runners up, won R$250,000 and R$148,840, respectively.

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