Daniel Tzvetkoff, whom many believe helped start the landslide that was black Friday which changed the US poker industry, is set to testify regarding the events in a few weeks.
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Tzvetkoff was the Australian internet businessman who pleaded guilty to having processed over a billion dollars worth of funds from several top online poker sites who catered to US players illegally.
The trial is being held for the defendants Chad Elie and John Campos and will take place in New York in early April. Elie is being tried on several counts including money laundering, fraud and violating the UIGEA – they number 9 in all while Campos is going to court with 6 charges of a similar nature.
Both men face several years in prison, with Campos looking at 35 and Elie pulling a possible 85. Surprisingly, Tzvetkoff was also facing charges of the same nature and had a possible sentence of 75 years in jail had he been convicted. However, on account of his plea bargain and provision of important evidence he has been given a lighter sentence and has been living under witness protection.
Allegedly, reports claim that it was Tzvetkoff’s testimony that was responsible for the DOJ having enough grounds to move against the top online poker giants namely: PokerStars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker.
The lawyers for Chad Elie and John Campos appear to be trying to buy time and are arguing that they have not had enough time to go through the documents given to them by Tzvetkoff. They also reported that they were given over 90,000 documents to process by the prosecutors and have not had enough time to prepare.
A report from Chad Elie’s lawyers claims, “Although the government had previously produced emails for Daniel Tzvetkoff, one of the government’s main witnesses in this case, the material we recently received revealed that Mr. Tzvetkoff had deleted his emails from the Intabill server, which had previously been made available to the defense, and that the Tzvetkoff emails that were included in prior productions were therefore ones that Mr. Tzvetkoff had cherry-picked for the government.”
The lawyers also pointed out to a discrepancy in proceedings claiming that they were not given all documents at the outset. “Only after we pointed this out to the government did we receive a full set of Mr. Tzvetkoff’s materials, which included more than 90,000 documents and which we were able to access for the first time only yesterday,” they stated.

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