The World Poker Tour (WPT) Foxwoods World Poker Classic, an exciting live poker event held in Connecticut recently, formed a grand end to the one-month-long poker tournament series this October. The WPT Foxwoods World Poker Classic lasted 6 days, offering plenty of exciting poker action, and the champion of this prestigious live event was Daniel Santoro.

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However, winning the finals for Santoro was not that easy; he had to put up a tough fight with his opponents in order to win the title and the purse. The final table comprised top professional poker players such as Andy Frankenberger, the WPT Player of the Year; Steven Brackesy, the former chip stack leader; and Christian Harder, the renowned professional poker player. Ultimately, it was Christian Harder who emerged as the runner up after a ferocious heads-up battle against Santoro, which raged for several hours.

A total of 200 hands were played at the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Classic final table, and over half of them were played at the heads-up between Harder and Santoro. Harder and Santoro seemed to take the lead position in turns several times before the game was decided in favor of Santoro.

When Harder was close behind him, just about to pull himself to the lead position once again, Santoro made a three-bet from the large blind. Harder bet all in and Santoro showed an Ace King pair. Ultimately, Harder emerged as the runner up, and for finishing second, he was awarded a purse of $248,962. The champion of the heads-up match Santoro got a cool sum of $449,910 plus a seat worth $25,000 for the WPT Championship as well as the WPT Champion’s Cup.

Here are the results of the WPT Foxwoods World Poker Classic. Daniel Santoro and Christian Harder collected the top prizes of $449,910 and $248,962, respectively for their first and second place finishes. Bob Carbone finished third and won $166,271, Steven Brackesy finished second and won $129,816, Andy Frankenberger finished fifth and won $99,585, and Eli Berg finished sixth and won $83,580.

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