Daniel Pidun defeated a player field of 912 over a period of six days to win the European Poker Tour (EPT) Berlin title. The poker player, who calls himself an amateur, collected a grand first place prize of €880,000 for his achievement.

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So far, the poker player has earned a total of $108,106 playing live poker tournaments alone, but his latest win has made his total winnings over one million dollars. Speaking about his latest achievement, Pidun said: “I don’t know, it seems to be my city. But I’m very happy. It’s a dream come true.”

The EPT Berlin Main Event had a buy-in of €5,300. Five of the eight players who reached the final table were Germans. The chip leader was Robert Haigh and he was followed by Daniel-Gai Pidun, Lasse Frost of Denmark, Alexander Helbig, Roman Herold, Roman Korenev of Russia, Pascal Vos of Holland, and Julian Thomas.

Pidun eliminated Alex Helbig in the fifth position, shortly after which he eliminated Pascal Vos in the fourth position. The result was a three-handed match, in which Pidun had the largest stack of chips.

Subsequently, Lasse Frost was eliminated in the third position, leading to a heads-up match between Robert Haigh and Pidun, with Pidun as the chip leader. While Pidun had a chip stack of 24.5 million, Haigh had a chip stack of 2.8 million. Shortly after the heads-up began, Daniel Pidun got an ace and an eight, and though it was a weaker combination than his opponents’ ace and king, the eight on the flop helped him win the EPT Berlin championship title.

The final table results are as follows: Daniel Pidun, who was the last man standing, won the first place prize of €880,000. Robert Haigh, who finished second, won the second place prize of €531,000. The players who finished third, fourth, and fifth were Lasse Frost, Pascal Vos, and Alex Helbig, who won €325,000, €255,000, and €202,200, respectively. The players who finished sixth, seventh, and eighth were Roman Herold, Julian Thomas, and Roman Korenev, who won €155,000, €110,000, and €77,000, respectively.

Pidun had actually taken a one-week vacation to take part in EPT Berlin, and thanks to his victory, his holiday has been completely paid for. Ever since he started playing live poker back in 2009, the amateur poker player has been consistently winning. Last year, Pidun finished 17th, and in 2011, he finished 9th, winning incredible cash prizes.

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