This week, it was announced that professional poker player Daniel Negreanu will play a role in Four Kings, a new television poker show.

The poker pro is not new to acting, having played the roles of himself in Mr. Dee (2012), X-Men Origins, Wolverine (2009), The Grand (2007), and Lucky You (2007) and the male news reporter in Detention (2013). He jokingly told PokerListings that he intends to play the role of Phil Hellmuth in the Four Kings, but actually he would be acting as himself.

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Mars Callaghan, the director, star, and script writer of Poolhall Junkies, has written and directed Four Kings, which is all about four friends who reside at a penthouse in The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. Four Kings will star popular amateur poker players Robert Iler and Kevin Pollak, along with Willie Garson.

The IMDB says that one of the four friends is a bookie “who makes the line on absolutely everything” while the other three are professional poker players. The IMDB stated: “Together they travel the world in search of the highest stakes games with the most colorful of characters. With a loyalty and integrity level that is rarely seen, these four best friends stick together and watch each other’s backs through everything that comes their way in their search for becoming world champions.”

Negreanu says that he would describe Four Kings “as Swingers meets Entourage meets gambling and poker.” He revealed that he likes the script because it has nothing to do with poker. Instead, it is all about what the players do, their lifestyle, and not about the game of poker.

He further said that Four Kings can become “mainstream, which is most important,” as it wouldn’t last if it is just a show for poker players. Instead, it is something that even non poker players would like to watch before getting fascinated with the game.

He said that some players may call the lines “cheesy.” However, the show is not for the poker gaming community, but “for the mainstream audience.” Negreanu is of the opinion that the show has the ability to make the game look cool once again “kinda like a reboot of Rounders, where Rounders really helped put poker on the map.”

One is reminded of TILT (2005) written by David Levien and Brian Koppleman. It could have been good if it had not portrayed the poker world of one of criminals and cheats.

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