Poker tournament re-entries is a subject that is currently being debated on social media thanks to Daniel Negreanu who recently tweeted that he was considering not using the re-buyin option in all of the events that he will take part in next year.
The Canadian poker pro, who now represents GG Poker after cutting ties with PokerStars, expressed his distaste for having re-entries in prestigious tournaments, saying the format gives players with a huge bankroll an unfair advantage. In a tweet, Negreanu shared that the model is not really amateur-friendly as it only gets new players to spend more money and go home with bigger losses.
Amateurs Are Affected
Negreanu, who is also known as “Kid Poker” on social media said for poker pros like him, firing just one bullet in events would mean less cash and less chances of making it to the final table, but the nicest thing about it is that poker amateurs and recreational players who are just playing for fun would not be put at a further disadvantage.
Negreanu also expressed his concern regarding the unlimited re-entry option at the WPT Bellagio Main Event, saying tournament directors should consider adopting a standard freezeout for prestigious main events. Negreanu said he might fire just a single bullet in the WPT Bellagio Main Event and join in on the action on time.
Reactions From The Poker Community
Joe McKeehen, the 2015 WSOP Main Event winner said Negreanu’s stance contradicts his own style, considering that the Canadian poker pro has always taken advantage of multiple re-entries in his previous games. Negreanu responded by saying that he wanted to bring back the old times when players only had one chance to capture a major poker event. He added that in his era, players weren’t given the option to re-enter but they did just fine.
Negreanu said that while the re-entry format isn’t necessarily wrong and admitted that pros can even take advantage of it to maximize their earning potential. However, he said that it did not take away the fact that the amateurs are often the ones who are ultimately hurt, especially if they are up against more experienced players.
A lot of players from poker community share the same sentiment, with one player saying daily fantasy sports works in a similar manner, with some players buying as much as 500 entries into huge tournaments in order to make money at the expense of the amateurs who only play for fun.
If Negreanu remains true to his intention of avoiding re-entries in his future games, it might do more harm than good on his ROI but the Canadian player dismissed that notion, saying that not rebuying would actually help him improve his ROI.
Some poker enthusiasts took to social media to ask Negreanu about his future plans in the event that his ROI takes a significant dip in 2020 because of his decision to stay away from re-entries.  Negreanu said it would not have much impact on his play, and he is confident his ROI would even improve with his new stance.
Add More Side Events
A lot of players hope to see more freezeout tournaments in the future, but the idea does not sit well with those who travel far to play. One such player said rebuys are designed to cater to non-pros who do not get that much of an opportunity to take part in huge tournaments. He said rebuys can remain in place but should be cut off much earlier.
Negreanu suggested that tournament organizers can deal with this problem by preparing more side events following the main event. So if players are unsuccessful in the main event, they can still take a shot at other events after it. These events can come in the form of cash games or satellites.
Impact of Re-entries on Negreanu’s WSOP POY Campaign
Daniel Negreanu was the first winner of the WSOP Player of the Year title back in 2004. He has since gone on an active campaign to recapture the accolade and even came close to winning it again this year.
He scored 16 cashes during this summer’s WSOP in Vegas and added another seven at the WSOPE in Rozvadov. Some of these are won via re-entries. He also was able to capture his biggest cash of the year worth $1,725,838 via a single re-entry option the $100,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller.
Negreanu’s decision to refuse to re-enter in events in 2020 might have an effect on his WSOP POY campaign. It’s still too early to tell whether or not this strategy would work for Negreanu, but as one Twitter user said, it will be an interesting experiment.

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