Daniel Negreanu, a poker playing professional with a net value of $50 million, recently appeared on the Millionaire Matchmaker. This reality TV show called the Millionaire Matchmaker is run by Patti Stanger, its Chief Operating Officer who tries to match millionaires with their ideal partner.

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Negreanu appeared on the season’s premiere show and found a “Real Deal” awaiting him in the form of the beautiful Lindsay, whom he chose to date.

According to Millionaire Matchmaker, poker player Negreanu has been described as “the real deal,” and also as a “sweet guy who is self-deprecating, funny and listens and genuinely has a good heart.” For those of us in the poker community, we know that Negreanu is an all round good guy and quite the catch for any lucky lady.

Destin Pfaff, the Executive Office Assistant of Patti Stanger – the COO of the Millionaire’s Club discussed Daniel Negreanu on the Bravo TV blog stating, “All the girls wanted him. Ultimately he chose wisely and picked Lindsay, the cutest and most genuine of the bunch. He took her out on a great date and they’re still seeing each other! It’s just a matter of time before they start dealing out little babies!”

However, Negreanu has not been lucky at love and has left behind a broken marriage and several failed relationships since that time. Daniel Negreanu has been married before and tied the knot in August 2005, but unfortunately the pair split about two years later from wife Lori Lin Weber. Sometime after the divorce, Negreanu got back on the dating scene and had several relationships, one of which was with Krisztina Polgár, a Hungarian Beauty queen. Negreanu could not restrain himself from boasting about this and posted at the time, “I met my new girlfriend at the World Series. She plays poker too. She just came up, she was just saying hi, ’cause she knew some friends and stuff. So, we just started, you know, hitting it off, and she’s super cool. She lives in Budapest, Hungary. She was Miss Earth Hungary in 2008.” Sadly, the two split eventually.

Negreanu seems to have found love this time through Patti Stanger’s reality TV show. Rachel Federoff, the Vice President of Matching, also spoke about the couple saying, “My thoughts on Daniel and Lindsay are laced in rainbows, cupcakes, and sunshine. Those two are a perfect match, and I wish them the best of luck!”

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