Poker pro Daniel Negreanu is widely regarded as one of the best poker players to have ever played the game and is highly respected on the circuit. Negreanu who has won more than $32 million in poker prize money is known for not being afraid to speak his mind but rarely does he lash out at another poker player.

However Negreanu could not prevent himself from targeting ex- Full Tilt Poker board member Chris Ferguson who is currently taking part at the 2016 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Ferguson and FTP founder Howard Lederer had kept out of the public eye and avoided the poker circuit after the 2011 FTP fiasco that scammed thousands of U.S based poker players out of millions of dollars.

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A few days before the 2016 WSOP could begin; Lederer decided to issue an apology five years after FTP was shutdown in the United States. Many speculated that Lederer issued the apology because he was going to turn up at the 2016 WSOP and they were right. However the poker community was taken by surprise as before Lederer could turn up at the WSOP, Chris Ferguson did and he was not willing to issue any apology.

This appears to have frustrated Daniel Negreanu as Ferguson has continued to answer the press with two words ‘no comment’ whenever they asked him if he had anything to say about the FTP disaster. Ferguson had denied all allegations against him via his lawyer and in the end no charges were brought as PokerStars bought out FTP and worked out a plan to pay back what it owed to U.S players. FTP has now reimbursed more than ninety percent of what it owed U.S based players but the damage that FTP caused to the poker industry and its players is something that Negreanu finds hard to forget.

This is one of the main reasons why Negreanu believes that Chris Ferguson should have issued an apology in a similar way that Lederer did. The lack of remorse from Ferguson has caused Negreanu to lash out.

In a statement, Negreanu said “Chris: You made millions and millions of dollars off of this company, then you hid for five years when things got out of shape. Then you said nothing at all. Whether you’re guilty or not, you’ve said nothing, which makes you guilty. If you don’t feel like you’re guilty, say so. Say something. You asked for the players to trust in you, don’t you believe they’re owed some kind of apology? Any man with a shred of integrity or human decency would understand an apology is owed.”