Daniel Negreanu has an impressive WSOP record, which includes 52 cash wins, millions of dollars in prizes, and four WSOP bracelets. Naturally, everybody believed that he would win WSOP event #5, the $1500 PLH, but Negreanu ended up finishing fifth instead.

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Back in 2010, Negreanu won cash at the WSOP tables only thrice. He won his last WSOP bracelet in 2008, when he was playing the $2,000 LHE event. This time, it initially looked as if Negreanu would emerge as the last man standing, but ultimately, Nick Jivkov won the WSOP title.

Negreanu later stated before the poker media, “It’s early in the summer and you just know you’re going to be here for the whole time and that you’re going to have to take bad beats. That’s just part of the deal.” Speaking about his experiences, he said, “That hand was tough and it didn’t go my way but you have to ready for it and accept it. Right now all I focus on is how I’m playing and right now I’m playing really well. Every hand I play, forget every tournament, every hand I play, I’m playing really well.”

However, the fifth WSOP event will always be remembered neither because of Kid Poker’s bad luck nor because of Brit John Eames’ extraordinarily brilliant performance, but for the controversies created player Jonathan Aguiar.

Aguiar objected to a brand new WSOP rule, according to which players on tables that are being streamed live and on final tables must declare verbally all their actions for the benefit of those who are watching the poker action either online or on their television sets.

Aguiar, who finished in the third place, claimed that poker players began questioning this rule when just three of them were left playing at the final table. He claimed that, instead of listening to them, the floor man said that the event would be postponed for that evening if players did not follow the rules. The interesting story did not end here because Aguiar reported the event on Twitter, criticizing the WSOP and its rules.

Expressing his feelings on Twitter, he posted that the new WSOP rule that requires players to declare their actions at the final table is the “worst rule in poker history.” The person or persons running WSOP’s account on Twitter responded by re-tweeting a harsh tweet from someone who called Aguiar “a complete bitch who cries all day.”

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