The 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) will start on Sep 30 at the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada and conclude on Nov 23. The biggest live poker festival in the world is expected to attract massive crowds once again even though there are multiple restrictions in place.
WSOP Vaccination Mandate
One of the restrictions is that all players must be fully vaccinated 14 days in advance before showing up at the 2021 WSOP. Players will have to show proof of their fully vaccinated certificates in order to be able to play at the WSOP. Players who cannot show proof of vaccination will not be allowed to take part in the WSOP.
While the WSOP has received strong criticism for forcing players to take the vaccination, the WSOP has stuck to its vaccination policy.
Fake Vaccination Cards Being Supplied
There are millions of individuals in America and around the world who are opposed to the vaccine. However, they realize that without the vaccination certificate they are going to lose out on a number of privileges. As a result, they are open to obtaining fake vaccination certificates in exchange for cash. The fake vaccination certificate business is thriving in Asia and now appears to be increasing in the United States.
Daniel Negreanu recently surprised the poker community when he admitted on a poker podcast that he saw two poker players handing out fake vaccination certificates. The Poker Hall of Famer made some serious allegations on #107 – DAT Poker Podcast episode against Will Failla and Rob Mizrachi.
On the podcast, Negreanu said “Rob Mizrachi, Will Failla, I saw you guys trying to fucking pass off fake vaccination cards at the Wynn. I watched you guys at my table, handing out vaxx cards on the downlow, as if I wouldn’t see! I mean, c’mon bro.”
Negreanu went on to say that Failla was also circulating a video ‘Plandemic’ which shares conspiracy theories over the COVID-19 vaccination. The DAT Poker Podcast with Negreanu started to get more attention after a user highlighted Negreanu’s allegations against Failla and Mizrachi on the popular Two Plus Two poker forum.
It later emerged that Mizrachi was only filling out a fake vaccination card while Failla was the one passing out fake vaccination cards.
Mizrachi Clarifies Fake ID Allegation
Rob Mizrachi was forced to respond to the allegations via Twitter after the poker community started calling for Mizrachi and Failla to be reported to the authorities. Mizrachi who hasn’t been active on Twitter for over a year sent out this tweet.
“I’m sorry to all my friends and fans who thought I was passing out fake vaccine cards. Thanks @RealKidPoker for clarifying it. I’m playing a full schedule I got vaccinated I’m feeling great and I’m confident I will win a bracelet this year”.
A lot of his followers did not accept his explanation and asked him to provide more details on what he was doing filling out a fake vaccination card but Mizrachi did not provide an update. Failla has not provided any update on the allegations against him.
WSOP Could Ban Players For Life
Negreanu also went on to poker players from trying to use fake vaccination cards at the 2021 WSOP. He warned players that they would likely be subjected to a lifetime ban from the WSOP if they got caught trying to pass off fake vaccination certificates as real ones.
The WSOP has not released any information on if and how they play to check for fake vaccination certificates at the 2021 WSOP.

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