Poker and chess fans will have something to look forward to this Sunday, Oct. 14, as poker legend Daniel Negreanu and British poker pro Liv Boeree get ready to try their hand at chess. The two PokerStars ambassadors will team up with International Chess Master Danny Rensch and Woman Grand Master Jennifer Shahade for a unique hand and brain match.
Running at the blitz time control of 10 minutes and an increment of five seconds, the games will see six-time bracelet winner Negreanu and two-time US Women’s Champion Shahade take on Boeree and Rensch. Boeree is the founder of Raising for Effective Giving fundraising charity, while Rensch is the Vice President of The chess masters will act as the “brain” highlighting the piece to move, while the poker pros play as the hand and will make the move.
Daniel Negreanu is a member of the prestigious Poker Hall of Fame (PHoF) and has accumulated close to $40 million in career prize money while Liv Boeree has won more than $3.7 million in career prize money. The two players will look to have a lot of fun on Sunday but given their competitive nature, viewers will be interested to see who comes out on top.
MyChessPokerGame Challenge
The #MyChessPokerGame Platinum Pass contest will also take center stage at the event which is made possible by the joint efforts of PokerStars and Members of the poker and chess communities will get the chance to be awarded a $30,000 Platinum Pass to the Bahamas by showcasing their creativity at creating games which incorporate both elements of chess and poker.
The winning game design of the #MyChessPokerGame challenge will be unveiled in dramatic fashion as six finalists battle it out for the much coveted Platinum Pass. Designs will be judged based on creativity and ingenuity, game presentation, playability of the game and passion for both chess and poker.
The game designs by the six finalists in the #MyChessPokerGame challenge will be shown throughout the match. There will also be videos and game demonstrations. The $30,000 Platinum Pass will include entry to the $25,000 PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) as well as $5,000 in travel accommodations, including a six-night stay at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.
The first ever PSPC tournament will run from Jan. 6-10, 2019 in the Bahamas and is being promoted as the biggest poker tournament in the history of the game. The hand and brain game starts at 1pm PDT (4pm EDT) and will be streamed live on as well as The game along with the game design demo is expected to run for around 2 hours.
Hand And Brain Rules
Just like any other professional game, players must follow rules. During the hand and brain match, the brain may only mention the name of the piece which will be moved every turn. The hand picks and does the move on the chessboard.
With only 30 seconds left on the clock, the hand of the team running out of time automatically takes over. During the entire 30 seconds, the brain must remain silent. There will also be no discussion about the game between the team members during the match. There will be five games to be played out at 10 minutes time control plus five seconds increment.
Gaming Experts Form Judging Panel
Shahade said the upcoming event will be a thrilling meeting of the minds. Shahade and Rensch will be the brains while Negreanu and Boeree will pick the specific piece to move. Spectators can expect tons of laughter and hilarious, unplanned consequences, said Shahade. All four form part of the judging panel for the #MyChessPokerGame contest.
The other judges include NYU Game Center Director Frank Lantz – creator of the games “Universal Paperclips” and “PacManhattan”, game and app developer Michael LeGrand – also co-founder of Code-In-The-Schools, and PRO Chess League founder/commissioner IM Greg Shahade who is also a former poker pro.
Rensch said he is delighted to play hand and brain chess with the poker pros and is truly honored to be part of the judging panel for the #MyChessPokerGame contest. He is looking forward to more fun and exciting events and future collaborations between the global poker and chess communities.

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