Instagram celebrity and high stakes poker pro Dan Bilzerian is no stranger to controversy as just like the Kardashian’s, he has used his social media notoriety to build an army of follows. Bilzerian has over 21 million followers on Instagram and is known for regularly posting pictures of himself surrounded by scantily clad women, tons of cash, loads of guns and vacationing in some of the most beautiful spots in the world.
Bilzerian has created a lot of buzz during the last few weeks as his posts on Instagram and Twitter appear to be targeting women and belittling them. He initially stirred up controversy when he posted a picture of himself surrounded with naked women and one of them was being used as a table top, as Bilzerian had a tray of food on it and had the women hunched over like a table. He posted the picture on Instagram targeting Women’s Day and said ‘It’s National Women’s Day, be thankful they are good for so many things’.
There was outrage on social media as thousands believed that the Instagram king was being derogatory to women but the backlash did not seem to faze Bilzerian. Earlier this week, he got himself into more controversy after claiming that women were not good at playing poker. He lashed out at Cate Hall, a female poker pro who is playing a grudge match against Mike Dentale with a tweet stating that although he has no idea who Cate Hall was playing against, he was going to bet against her based on the simple fact that she was a woman and women don’t player poker well.
The insulting tweet wasn’t just aimed at Cate Hall but every women who players poker including some of the top female poker pros in the world such as Liv Boeree, Vanessa Selbst, Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer Harman and Kathy Liebert. It did not take long for Team PokerStars Pro Live Boeree to respond to Bilzerian who sent out a tweet reminding Bilzerian that he isn’t the greatest poker player in the world, which got Bilzerian responding with a tweet of his own claiming that his poker game at the moment cannot get any worse. It appears that Boeree might have deleted her tweet as Bilzerian’s degradation of women is creating quite a lot of heat and Boeree does not want to find herself in the center of it.
It is ironic that earlier this year, there were a number of articles on the internet targeting Dan Bilzerian and his poker playing skills, asserting that his claims of winning high stakes poker matches and bringing in millions of dollars wasn’t true at all. Bilzerian usually stays away from the usual live poker circuit and prefers to attend high stake poker matches that are by invitation only. Reportedly the poker players at these matches are not pros but celebrities, businessmen and individuals with a high-net worth who love playing poker and spending huge amounts of money.
Bilzerian has stated on numerous occasions that he has lost millions of dollars playing high stakes poker but has won a lot more money and is reportedly worth over $100 million. There are stories of Bilzerian starting out with just $750 and winning more than $200,000 during a Las Vegas gambling trip. One of his most successful runs in poker was a year when he reportedly made more than $50 million. Poker pro Doug Polk who runs a popular video blog also covered Bilzerian’s poker skills and questioned his ability to win high stake poker games and the millions that he has claimed to have won playing poker.
However there is no denying the fact that Bilzerian is wealthy, as there are hundreds of photos on Instagram show him jet setting the globe, visiting the swankiest night clubs and being surrounded by piles of cash. Those who dispute his poker playing skills claim that Bilzerian has made this money from shady business deals and also by inheriting wealth from his family. He is also known for making and accepting crazy prop bets that puts a lot of money on the line.
Whichever way you look at it, Bilzerian does not seem to be fazed by the criticism or the outrage he creates on social media. It seems to fuel him and increase his social media following. He may not have great poker playing skills but he does have a great strategy of being in the limelight as his latest outburst against female poker pros has proven to be.

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