High stakes poker pro and hedge fund manager Bill Perkins recently opened up about his prop bet with Antonio Esfandiari at the PCA 2016 that got him banned from the tournament and also revealed that he has now entered into another prop bet with Instagram king and high stakes poker pro Dan Bilzerian.

Both Bilzerian and Perkins took to Twitter to confirm their prop bet where both players have decided to put $600,000 on the line after Bilzerian accepted Perkins challenge of riding from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on a bicycle within 48 hours. Perkins has given Bilzerian till the 31st of March to complete the challenge.

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Bilzerian has built a reputation for himself on social media for doing outrageous things that involves guns, women and private jets. In January, Bilzerian stated that he threw $100,000 on a drawing for a Powerball lottery that was valued at $1.5 billion and this new prop bet with Perkins could cost Bilzerian $600,000 as it appears highly unlikely that the Instagram king will succeed.

The 35 year old Bilzerian admitted that he hasn’t driven a bicycle during the last 18 years but believes that he can cover the 278 miles in 48 hours if he tries hard enough. However Perkins is confident that he is going to walk away with $600,000 as the distance from LA to Vegas is around 320 miles and he believes Bilzerian has calculated the distance wrong.

Joe Rogan from the UFC heard about the prop bet and reached out to Bilzerian on Twitter asking him if he can connect him with Lance Armstrong who would be willing to assist him on preparing for his bicycle ride. Bilzerian was more than happy to accept the help and thanked Rogan for reaching out to help.

Samantha Abernathy who plays poker for a living also heard about the bet and stated that Bilzerian had actually offered her $10,000 awhile ago if she was willing to cycle from LA to Vegas in 72 hours, but she did not accept the bet.  Perkins stated that he had great fun throwing out prop bets and enjoyed the fact that a number of these bets benefitted charities.

Speaking about prop bets, Perkins said “I try to think of ones that are possible. Ones that are impossible are no fun because you want to see an attempt, but you want ones where you can get an edge. The bets that you can accomplish only by doing ridiculous things can be fun. I would say that in one out of every four prop bets a charity is involved. There is a good cause attached to 25 percent of our ridiculousness.”

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