Croatia licensed online poker, casino and sportsbooks a number of years ago but the country did not have a licensed online poker room till SuperSport decided to create history in the country by becoming the first licensed online poker room to officially launch its services on January 11.

The online gambling act in Croatia is similar to the gambling laws in France which requires gambling operators to own a land based casino in the country before they can apply for an online gaming license. SuperSport owns more than 300 street shops in Croatia along with a small land based casino. The company was ready to launch its online poker room earlier in 2016 but made a strategic decision to delay its launch due to the licensing restrictions.

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The license issued by the gaming regulator in Croatia runs from Jan 1 to December 31. SuperSport paid €600,000 for its online gaming license and did not want to launch in the middle of 2016 as it would have lost nearly 6 months of its license validity. Instead the company chose to launch its online poker room at the start of 2017, so it can get a full 12 months to be fully operational.

SuperSport is allowed to offer online poker services all over the world barring a few countries such as the United States. However the company expects more than 90 percent of its online poker players to come from within Croatia. The company had a reasonably good first week after launching reporting a peak of around 190 players playing low stake ring games. SuperSport has also added a bit of flavor for the locals by naming some of its ring game tables after its popular islands such as Brac, Vis, Hvar, Krk and Rab.

The company also plans to keep adding new poker variants and higher stake tournaments to offer its players a wide variety of choices. The company also plans to offer players a number of different ways to access the SuperSport online poker software.

In a statement, Vedran Katic, head of poker for SuperSport said “We want to develop in line with player liquidity that the poker network is going to bring. For example, if we want to have fast-fold poker, want to have lottery-style sit & go tournaments and want to have all these popular types of games, you have to have quite big liquidity. For now we are just focusing on the basics and we will have a mobile version and probably a web browser version in addition to the downloadable software currently available for both the PC and Mac”.

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