Two weeks ago, the poker media related stories of how Full Tilt Poker failed to pay the winners of the Montreal Open, a charity poker tournament organized to raise funds for Miriam Foundation. One of the managers of this event, Morden C. Lazarus, referred to as Cookie, feels that not Full Tilt Poker, but Miriam Foundation is duty bound to pay the winners of this charity event.

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The Miriam Foundation, however, begged to differ and filed a “Provisional and Interlocutory Injunction and Introductory Motion for a Permanent Injunction,” in response to which Cookie filed a “Contestation to the Motion.”

Cookie has been practicing law through Lazarus, Charbonneau ever since the late sixties and has served as the legal representatives of several prominent interacting gambling companies. He specializes in gambling laws related to gambling jurisdictions such as Cyprus, Malta, Kahnawake, Antigua, and the Isle of Man. Cookie also played a major role in bringing about a sponsorship agreement between Full Tilt Poker and Miriam Foundation.

In a recent interview with Poker News, Cookie admitted that Miriam Foundation does great work and that he will never dispute that fact; however, he objects to the foundation’s move in taking an injunction against him irrespective of the fact that he had helped raise millions of dollars for them for the past six years.

Stating that he was absolutely unaware that the foundation will file a case against him, he said that he had absolutely no intention to use the moniker Montreal Open and doesn’t even wish to do so in future as the Montreal Open winners have not been paid.

He also said that Miriam Foundation wrongly feels that the winners are associated with Full Tilt Poker; on the other hand, the winners are definitely linked to Miriam Foundation, which signed a sponsorship contract with Full Tilt Poker, according to which the online poker room would sponsor the event and pay the winners. If Full Tilt Poker does not pay up, Miriam Foundation is obliged to pay the winners.

Stating that Miriam Foundation received all the funds generated by the charity poker tournament in the form of entry fees, rebuys, and sponsorship funds, he said that the foundation never published the accounts although he feels that it has received over $800k. While Cookie has not expressed interest in suing the foundation on behalf of the Montreal Open winners, he has definitely advised them to see a lawyer.

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