US politicians and poker players are thinking a lot about the fate of online poker in the US, and this is what led to the birth of FairPlayUSA, a group that strongly supports online poker and advocates its legalization within the US.

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FairPlayUSA seeks clearly defined online poker laws at the federal level and also supports the rights of certain Native American tribes to decide whether they want online poker in their territories. Mostly, the group aims to protect the rights of adults to play online poker and gamble online. While admitting that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) is unclear, FairPlayUSA is not all for the repealing of this act, but is definitely for defining poker laws and regulations more clearly.

Michael Grimm of the Congress is one of the supporters of online poker and FairPlayUSA, and on the day the Debt Ceiling Deal was passed, he had spoken a lot in support of the online poker industry in the House.

Later, he issued a press release, in which he stated: “As a former FBI agent, I fully support the efforts to create a strong regulatory framework for legal online poker.” However, he also said that illegal online poker sites were associated with organized crime, a statement that staunch advocates of online poker cannot agree with. Simultaneously, everybody agrees that it is the need of the hour to regularize, legalize, and tax the US online poker industry, which has a number of poker-loving individuals fighting for their rights to play poker online. Grimm supports these people, in principle.

Lauding FairPlayUSA, Grimm says: “With many adult online poker players in my district of Staten Island and Brooklyn, I support their right to continue playing; however, I agree that it must be in a law-abiding forum that provides protections for America’s consumers and children. Together we must fight for the return of quality, good paying jobs to the United States and a strong regulatory framework for legal online poker will contribute to that goal.”

Stating that the current poker laws are unclear, Grimm said that the US government can increase its revenue if it regularizes and licenses online poker. Grimm expressed confidence that FairPlayUSA will achieve its goals if it collaborates with Tom Ridge, the secretary of Homeland Security and former governor and increases its membership. The efforts of FairPlayUSA will also complement his goal of regulating the US online poker industry, he added.

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