Commerce Casino, host to the World Poker Tour’s L.A. Poker Classic, will be installing Lightning Poker’s automated tables in its renowned poker room.This new alternative to traditional, dealer-manned tables will allow players to see more hands per hour in addition to saving the casino money in the long-run.

Tim Gustin, Commerce Casino casino manager, said, “Lightning Poker's faster and amazingly intuitive game play will offer Commerce customers a new poker option we believe will be very popular in our casino.”

As mentioned above, the Lightning Poker tables are completely automated, in essence a hybrid of internet and live poker.Each seat has a touch screen where the player’s cards and chips are displayed (only the player in that seat can see his cards), along with possible betting actions.The center of the table holds a larger screen to display the pot and community cards, just as a standard table would.Nothing is on the table except for the screens.Thus, dealer error, player error, pot confusion, card confusion, anything that might slow down the game are eliminated.

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