ComeOn Poker is the latest skin on Revolution Gaming Network, which was known as Cake Poker Network (CPN) before Lock Poker acquired it, to make an announcement that it will temporarily stop processing payout requests.

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The online poker room recently modified its terms and conditions page by adding a new item 2.23, which states: “Currently ComeOn is unable to accept withdrawals deriving from poker winnings until Cake Poker Network settles such winnings to Come On Curacao N.V.”

However, the online poker room will process requests for payouts that are either equal to or lesser than the total amount players have deposited in the past 30 days from the date of the last payout request. Requests for payouts more than the total amount deposited during the previous 30 days from the date of the last payout request will be processed only after CPN settles funds with ComeOn Poker. The online poker room will, therefore, cancel these payout requests for a temporary period of time. Players have been requested to contact ComeOn Poker’s customer care service with any query they might have regarding this development.

ComeOn claims that it was forced to take this step because CPN has been unable to settle payments related to rake and player winnings. The online poker room says that it has been paying its winners out of its own pockets and is waiting for a refund from CPN. When ComeOn realizes that CPN is slow to settle payments in March, it began restricting its winners from gaining access to its poker tables.

As previously mentioned, ComeOn Poker is only one of the latest poker skins on CPN or Revolution Gaming Network to announce that it will not process payouts until CPN pays it. A handful of Revolution Gaming Network skins have already announced that they will cease processing payouts. One of those skins, AdamEve Poker, paid winners from its own pocket before it finally decided to temporarily suspend payouts. Ultimately, AdamEve Poker announced an offer of 50 cents per dollar for player funds. ZetPoker, another skin on the Revolution Poker Network, pulled down its shutters because the network failed to settle payments, but recently, ZetPoker began operating again.

Meanwhile, Jared Hubbard and Greg Tiller, both professional poker players at Lock Poker, are trying to sell Lock Poker chips worth $35,000 at the rate of 33 cents per dollar. Lock Poker chips in the secondary market are worth just 25 cents per dollar.