When it comes to online casino games there is no arguing that Colorado is one of the US States that is a part of the big pack leading the fight for legalizing online poker in the country. It was not very long ago that the government of United States passed a bill stating that all forms of online gambling with offshore sites was illegal.
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As of now, states across the US are trying to get the government to legalize online poker on a state level.
The bill was introduced in 2006 and called the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Although the bill was passed in 2006, in 2005 almost a year earlier Colorado’s Governor General insisted that online gaming and gambling of any form is strictly illegal.
In 2012, almost 6 years after the legislation was passed making all forms of online gaming illegal; the Colorado Gaming Association is working to legalize online gaming. Even though the move has been initiated this year, the association of Colorado’s casinos has decided it would be difficult to introduce this change by January 2013. However, Colorado’s Association’s executive director Lois Rice stated that, “As developments occur at the federal level, Colorado will face issues with reference to online gaming.”
The Colorado state’s proposed bill is based on a bill by New Jersey. New Jersey struggle to obtain a legal license was long and hard. Unfortunately the State met with strong opposition from Governor Chris Christie. However, due to the persistence of the State’s policy makers a breakthrough has now been seen.
In a complete turn of events, however, Frank McNulty from the office of House Speaker remarked that federal government is yet to hear from Colorado’s gaming association. Colorado’s gaming association had earlier stated it would be difficult to push the legislation by January 2013; a fact that has been attributed to another game related issue at hand.
The advantages of legalizing online gaming are just coming to light. If the state governments like those in Colorado make the move to legalize online gaming, then one day one can hope that the federal government with legalize it too. By authorizing online casinos one can see heightened consumer protection, higher revenues and new opportunities. Colorado alone with its 40 commercial casinos sees an annual turn over of $750 million as stated by the American Gaming Association. However, Lois Rice stated that online poker games need a stronger regulation as they can issue extremely large bets.

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