Taylor Von Kriegenbergh, a graduate of UMass-Lowell, related in a guest column on StonehamPatch about how he won a free entry to a poker event at Los Angeles’ Bicycle Casino on PokerStars.
He emerged as the last man standing among 150 other players. This big poker event, which had a buy-in of $5,000, commenced on March 5; however, Kriegenbergh did not have to pay because he had won a free seat.
“The buy-in was $5,000 per player, but I won my seat so I didn’t have to pay. There were 417 entrants and a total prize pool of more than $1.9 million,” said Kriegenbergh.
A total of 417 poker players participated in this event, fighting for a pot worth more than $1.9 million. Kriegenbergh found himself playing against big poker pros such as Joe Hachem, Victor Ramdin, Alex Kamberis, Daniel Negreanu, and Barry Greenstein. Kriegenbergh, however, was determined to emerge as the last man standing.
“I told myself I don’t care who I’m playing with, I’m making it to the final table. In tournaments like these, being good and lucky pays dividends because it’s always a combination of the two. I found myself being the chip leader after Day 4,” Kriegenbergh added.
Kriegenbergh found himself the chip leader at the end of the fourth day, the day before the event reached its final table stage. The final table had eight poker players, including Kriegenbergh, WSOP 2005 champion Hachem, and professional poker player Ramdin. Kriegenbergh had chips worth $1.8 million and had already won a guaranteed $35,000; however, he wanted the big pot of $5 million.
Finally, Kriegenbergh found himself playing against Hachem, Aumus, and Ramdin, the other four having been knocked off the table. These three players had won more than $1 million playing poker. Kriegenbergh, who had idolized Ramden ever since he was very young, was not at all surprised when Ramden won the game. Although he would have enjoyed defeating these top poker pros, he was happy to won a cool prize of $140,000 since he finished fourth.
Taylor Von Kriegenbergh concluded by saying that he enjoyed playing at the final table with these poker legends and that he is happy with his poker success although he knows that he still has a lot to learn. He also expressed his gratefulness to all the people who supported him.

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