One of the most popular tournaments on the World Poker Tour is the Bay 101 Shooting Star event, in which poker celebrities have bounties placed on their heads.That type of tournament has become more and more widespread in the online game in the past year, and has now finally made it to Absolute Poker.

Absolute calls its bounty promotion the “Absolute Assassins.”Like most bounty tournaments, Absolute’s specially marked tournaments take part of the buy-in towards the overall prize pool and use the remaining part as a bounty on each player’s head.Eliminate a player, grab their bounty.Knock out enough players in the tournament, and you can turn a profit without actually making the money.

But wait, there’s more.Each Saturday leading up to the World Series of Poker, Absolute will hold a special $209 “Bounty WSOP Assassin” Main Event.The buy-in will be split in half – $100 will go to the prize pool and $100 will be the individual bounty ($9 goes to the house).For every 120 players in the tournament, and hence $12,000 in prize money, one seat in the 2008 WSOP Main Event will be awarded.These “Absolute Assassins” will represent Absolute Poker at the WSOP and will have an opportunity to win even more money on top of whatever they actually win in the WSOP Main Event.This is because Absolute will have a list of pros as bounties.Should an “Assassin” eliminate one of these pros, Absolute Poker will give the “Assassin” an additional reward.

Players can qualify for the Bounty WSOP Assassin Main Event via daily satellites at Absolute Poker.

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