Cryptocurrency-based online poker room CoinPoker is doing very well in marrying crypto and poker. The online poker room has confirmed that their official ICO (initial coin offering) will take place on Jan 19 and their CHP (CHiP) tokens will be on sale.
Cryptocurrency A Huge Draw For Investors  
The global cryptocurrency industry has skyrocketed during the last 18 months with popular currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum leading the way. The value for the top cryptocurrencies have witnessed significant volatility in the last 12 months with Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency getting close to the $20,000 mark towards the end of 2017 and then plunging below $10,000 earlier this month.
The volatility and uncertainty over cryptocurrencies haven’t hindered global investors from purchasing digital currencies. Poker players from all over the world are also anxious to acquire cryptocurrencies and CoinPoker has given them an opportunity to do just that by launching its CHP cryptocurrency.
CoinPoker Offering Security And Cryptocurrency 
Many online poker players have been hesitant to sign with new online poker websites because the online poker industry has been tarnished in the past by unscrupulous operators, transparency issues, lack of security and fraudulent schemes. Confidence in online poker rooms has dropped significantly in recent times as poker players have seen their funds frozen and stolen by more than one poker operator while others have had to wait for long periods of time to process their withdrawals.
To address all of these issues, CoinPoker decided to launch an online poker room where funds and transactions would be in the hands of the players. CoinPoker was able to do this by leveraging blockchain technology to deliver secure, transparent, and fast payments.
According to Michael Josem, game security adviser of CoinPoker, the online poker room is working to rebuild player trust in the online poker sphere by developing technologies and processes to reduce the risk of cheating and fraud. CoinPoker has put together a fool-proof team that aims to marry all the good benefits of poker and crypto. The team includes: poker industry veterans Michael Josem, Isabelle Mercier, and Warren Lush, professional crypto investor Sonic Zhang, Etherparty (FUEL) CEO Kevin Hobbs, trusted Asian crypto investment fund Valuenet Capital, and notable crypto investment consultancy company Digital X.
CoinPoker ICO Popular With Poker Pros
It appears that as of now CoinPoker has struck the right note with the global poker community as their pre-ICO in November was a sell-out. CoinPoker used CHP (CHiP) tokens which is their in-game cryptocurrency in its pre-ICO sale to test the market. The online poker room put 5 percent of their total CHPs at a 30 percent CHP bonus and saw it sell out in six days at 6,600 CHP for 1 ETH.
Those who were unable to purchase CHPs during the pre-ICO have been waiting for Stage I of the CoinPoker ICO. The ICO will launch on January 19, Friday, at 10 a.m. GMT and will run until January 26 or close earlier if all the allocated CHPs are sold out. The price during Stage 1 f the ICO is fixed at 4,200 CHP for 1 ETH. According to CoinPoker, only a third of their allocations will be put on sale since majority of the tokens have already been reserved via a priority whitelist.
After Stage 1, CoinPoker will launch the Stage 2 of the sale where price will rise to 3,500 CHPs for 1 ETH.
CoinPoker Players Involved With App Development
CoinPoker’s MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or play-money app has already been downloaded 20,000 times. CoinPoker reports that there are already 30,000 unique users who have created their accounts on the site, where 15,000 people are already CHP token holders.
Players are not just playing on the app but are actively being involved in the development of the CoinPoker app and website, as they continue to report and submit feedback regarding the efficiency of the website and the user interface.
Tony G, one of the CoinPoker’s advisers and a well-known poker legend expressed enthusiasm for the success of the project. In a statement, Tony G said, “I’m very happy to see CoinPoker doing so well. Blockchain technologies are our future, and CoinPoker will begin the poker revolution that all the players have been waiting for. This is a game-changer.”

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