Although it was hoped that New Jersey would be the first state in the United States to regulate and permit online gaming this does not seem to be happening. Currently, rumours are running rampant that Governor Chris Christie may be going to vote against the online gaming bill and veto it. This is indeed very bad news for online poker players in New Jersey who ware hoping that they will be able to play online poker games and casino games like blackjack legally.
Initially, it was thought that the Governor Chris Christie was leaning in favour of the bill and might have allowed it to pass without taking any action against it. However, reports now claim that the Governor has apparently been strongly lobbying against the bill. According to a recent report in the New York Post, a source well informed about the current situation has stated that the Governor is being tugged at from both directions regarding the issue, and it seems that he might give into banning the bill.
As of now, Governor Chris Christie has opted to wait until March 3rd to decide about the bill and has postponed the decision making which was expected on February 24th. To make this possible the Governor used state house technicalities to buy himself more time to decide about the bill. This postponement could be a good thing for online gambling in NJ since it gives lobbyists some more time to make a convincing case. If the New York Post is right about the ban of this bill then New Jersey will become a disappointing zone for online gaming players.
The New York Post also reported that although the gambling bill was passed by a huge majority in both houses of the State Legislature, the sponsor of this bill, State Senator Raymond Lesniak may not try to overrule a ban on this bill if it does happen. Whether this will happen remains to be seen.
The main opposition to the bill is Caesars Entertainment, which owns four A.C. properties, and are lobbying against it because they think it will interfere with the passing of federal legislation that allows online gaming. The Federal Legislation if passed would allow Caesars to base their online operations in Las Vegas.
In a nutshell, the way things are going it does not look good for New Jersey, and although people would like to say or think that they know what might happen, things can always go the other way. Whatever the case may be – the result will be clear on March 3rd.

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