PayPal upset 2003 World Series of Poker (WSOP) champ Chris Moneymaker, when they suddenly decided to seize $12,000 in Moneymaker’s PayPal account. The funds were part of a daily fantasy sports (DFS) entry fee payment which went against PayPal’s anti-gambling policy.
Moneymaker Threatens Class Action Lawsuit
Moneymaker was furious to find out that PayPal had seized his funds without giving him any warning. He contacted the payment operator which is based out of California in an attempt to get back his funds but he was not successful not impressed with their explanations or the lack thereof.
Moneymaker who has over 60,000 Twitter followers posted his dispute with PayPal on Twitter in May. He threated to file a class action lawsuit against PayPal and asked his followers if they had also experienced such illegal tactics by the payment provider.
The Poker Hall of Famer said that if PayPal found a user had violated their policies, they had a right to ban the user from their platform and close their account. However, they had no right to seize their funds as it was illegal and was tantamount to daylight robbery. His Twitter post got a great response as both poker players and non-poker players admitted that they had experienced a similar fate at the hands of PayPal.
The only difference was these individuals were not very well known and did not have the financial clout to be able to take legal action against PayPal for cheating them and confiscating their funds. A number of these individuals contacted Moneymaker to thank him for initiating a class action lawsuit and they were happy to add their names to the list.
Moneymaker Gets $12,000 Refunded
PayPal was forced to pay attention to Chris Moneymaker as the push for a class action lawsuit against the payment provider started to gain momentum. Moneymaker hired Eric Bensamochan who represented Todd Witteles in his defense against the anti-SLAPP lawsuit filed by Mike Postle in his defamation lawsuit which has since been dropped and dismissed.
Once PayPal realized that it had opened itself up to a class action lawsuit that could cost the company millions of dollars, they decided to make an exception on their anti-gambling policy and refund the $12,000 to Chris Moneymaker. There was no official reason given as to why they made a sudden change in their decision and decided to return $12,000 to Moneymaker.
The funds were reversed and give back to Moneymaker in early June. This is a clearly an attempt from PayPal to get Chris Moneymaker to drop his lawsuit and move on.
Moneymaker Threatens PayPal With Hell
Chris Moneymaker took to Twitter to inform his followers this week that PayPal had reversed his funds and given him back the $12,000 in full that he was owed. Moneymaker also made it clear that he was not going to drop the class action lawsuit against PayPal just because they decided to refund his cash.
The Americas Cardroom brand ambassador said that he would drop out from the class action lawsuit since the money was returned but promised to not drop the class action lawsuit as over 50 individuals had contacted him in the last few weeks to confirm that PayPal had seized their funds.
Moneymaker says that he is going to proceed with the class action lawsuit as he wants to fight on behalf of all the individuals that PayPal has wronged in the past. Bensamochan will be the legal counsel of this class action lawsuit and Moneymaker will act as a consultant on the case. The class action lawsuit is likely to be filed in a California court before the end of June 2021.
Moneymaker also took to social media to send out a warning to PayPal and remind them that when he requested them to release his funds, he got no response. Due to them going silent, he had to use social media to take action and warned PayPal that they must now be prepared to face hell.

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