Chris Ferguson filed a number of motions with the Southern District of New York Court through Jonathan Harris, his legal representative. One of these motions is to grant special permission to Ian J. Imrich, an out-of-state lawyer, to act as his defense attorney.

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Imrich of Law Office of Ian J. Imrich, Esq., does not reside in Los Angeles. Mr. Harris has stated in his order: “I have found Mr. Imrich to be a skillful attorney and a person of integrity. He is experienced in federal practice and familiar with the Federal Rules of Procedure … Accordingly, I am pleased to move the admission of Ian J. Imrich, pro hac vice.” Ferguson has also signed four legal documents, which were later submitted to the Southern District of New York Court.

One of these documents cites the same laws that were cited by Ray Bitar in September, claiming that the defendant Filco Limited has the “right, title, or interest to all funds in the following accounts.” It then mentions a couple of bank accounts and concludes with the words: “As an authorized agent of claimant Filco Ltd., I Chris Fergusson, hereby verify that the foregoing facts are true and correct and made under penalty of perjury.” The document bears Fergusson’s signature.

The second document repeats the claims made by the first document, but this time it mentions as defendants Kolyma Corporation A. V. V. and Vantage Ltd. It states that Kolyma and Vantage have the rights to the funds seized by the US Department of Justice (DoJ). It then lists out several bank accounts and mentions a sum of $98,276,540.

The other two documents are similar in content to the first two documents, except that they mention Pocket Kings Ltd. and Tiltware LLC as the defendants. In the document mentioning Tiltware, Ferguson claims right to funds in several bank accounts, coming up to $196,553,080; and in the document mentioning Pocket Kings Ltd., he has mentioned 11 Irish bank accounts, but has not mentioned the amount.

This simply means that the companies that made up the Full Tilt Poker brand are claiming that the funds in the bank accounts seized by the DoJ belong to them and that these accounts “contain funds deposited by Full Tilt Poker players to be transferred to Vantage and/or Kolyma or funds deposited by Vantage and/or Kolyma that were in the process of being returned to Full Tilt Poker players.”

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