Casinos spend a significant amount of money on their security procedures and personnel as they know their gaming floors will be targets for cheating and scams sooner or later. However unscrupulous players are continuing to innovate with their schemes in order to beat the house and trick their fellow players into losing.

A poker scam was recently reported in China’s Yunnan province after a poker player reported his ordeal to the authorities. He was apparently befriended by four poker players who went with him back to his hotel for a game of poker. Feng, a small business owner and a victim lost every single hand he played at the hotel and ended up losing $1,500 in cash and another $9,000 via a IOU note that he signed. Feng was suspicious of his fellow poker players and lodged a complaint with the authorities after alleging that the four players had conned him.

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The authorities raided the hotel and discovered that Feng was right as the four poker players had 30 decks of specially marked cards and a pair of infrared Chinese contact lenses that made it easy for the wearer to identify the marked cards and then use hand signals to inform his other three accomplices. The four poker players admitted that they had hatched an elaborate plan to con Feng and were arrested by the authorities. The gang also admitted that they drugged Feng before they could commence playing poker. Feng could also find himself in a spot of bother for taking part in gambling activities which is banned in Mainland China.

China is the biggest manufacturing hub in the world and the Chinese come up with some of the most innovating products in the world. Infrared contact lenses were also used in 2013 after a player at the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut was found to be using special ink to mark cards and then use his infrared contact lenses to identify them and get ahead at the table.

A French court also convicted a number of Italian poker players in 2013 for also using infrared contact lenses at the Les Princes casino in Cannes. They had also roped in the dealer into their scheme and together won more than €100k. The convicted players admitted that they had purchased their infrared lenses from China. Christian Lusardi who used counterfeit chips at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa admitted that they were manufactured in China and is now serving 5 years in prison.

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