Chiliconnect, Chili Poker’s recent venture has become active letting players combine their poker accounts with social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter. According to Chili Poker’s CEO, “The link between Chili Poker players and the fact that you can speak to players is the most important part. Facebook is just the cherry on top of the cake.”

On iPoker skins, players will be allowed to ask other players out on games, create long wagers and trade percentages of their achievements. When a player visits the Chili Poker website, they can go to other social media accounts through a sidebar.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chili Poker stated that the communication among players via a buddy list was more pivotal than the social media angle and with a view to offer something innovative he added, “We want players to come to Chili Poker because of Chili Poker not because of [network] iPoker.”

Dreyfus insisted on how vital it was to regulate in the network atmosphere and he said that the uniqueness will not be incorporated in the network. He also stated “there are other skins that might have a stronger brand than us and might be more powerful in marketing terms, but now we are not just another iPoker site when it comes to being promoted by affiliates.”

“The poker client is the same everywhere [on the network] and we don’t have a lot of control to change many things. But Chiliconnect is 100% owned by us, in terms of future development too,” he added.

Of all the facilities offered by Chiliconnect, poker players also have the chance to contest with a total of five friends to longer lasting bets, wherein the final player staying in a multi-table competition evidently gets a fixed sum from every other player at the table.

Yet another interesting feature in Chiliconnect, is that a commission is nonexistent and that additional costs are not involved for players to exchange action via Chiliconnect. With this feature, players can trade till about 40% of their own buy-ina and in return the buyer can get the same share of any sum won.

One of the poker bloggers and PartyPoker room manager Bill Rini also commented on the new development at Chili Poker. “Chiliconnect is one of the biggest innovations in online poker that I’ve seen other than rush poker. Every customer that they acquire via social media will cost them a tiny fraction of what it costs to acquire a customer via traditional media”, Rini said.

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