After PokerNews broke the Lederer Files, the entire poker community was aghast and angry at the way Lederer had been handled with kid gloves. He missed all the tough questions because the reporter did not ask them and evaded any pointed ones with long “it was not me” and pleaded ignorance about the situation in most of his answers.

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However, most players and industry professionals in the poker community did not believe that Howard Lederer had no idea what Full Tilt Poker had been doing with payment processors and with the player money. And now, Chad Elie – a payment processor who worked with Full Tilt Poker has called him on it via Twitter.

A tweet from Chad Elie stating “‘I have never met a payment processor – Howard Lederer.’ Interesting Howard. Do you not remember the MEETINGS we had? What about NYE? 5hr meeting,” more or less called Full Tilt Poker’s ex head Howard Lederer a liar. Elie’s tweet began with a direct quote from Lederer where he stated he never met a payment processor.

The tweet tweaked the interest of the entire poker community who now want to hear what Elie has to say. Daniel Negreanu had this to say, “Very interesting account to follow from a payment processor who is going to prison @BlackFridayChad he sheds some light on important stuff.”

PokerNews also posted a  note to Elie stating “Chad Elie (@BlackFridayChad) is firing torpedoes of truth about Black Friday. The Nightly Turbo has more.”

Chad Elie also shared a picture of an event that he, Lederer, Reid and others had attended. “Chad Elie ‏”@OPReport yes this is the pic from that event… Howard talking about online poker to Reid. He was saying how we need clearer laws. Reid just took our checks and ran!”

Elie also said he had pictures to prove that Lederer had in fact met with payment processors.

There is much eagerness and interest to hear what Chad Elie has to say. One tweet read, “Will the real @BlackFridayChad please stand up.. please stand up… There’s plenty news to be reported and Facts to set straight!”

Randy Dorfman ‏thanked Chad Elie for being so forthcoming, “@BlackFridayChad Thank you 4 coming out to shed light on Lederer…”

To which Chad Elie replied, “@RandyDorfman very welcome! I’m not close to being done with Howard =) When FTC took my suit , FT tried to settle directly.”

Tim Marsters had this to say, “So if @howardlederer lied about not meeting with payment processors in his interviews, what else did he lie about?”

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