Top poker training sites CardRunners and StoxPoker announced their merge today. However, both sites will remain separate, while the merger will mean easier flow of customers between both sites and lower fees for all members.

According to a statement by CardRunners,

StoxPoker will continue to emphasize small- and mid-stakes games instruction through classroom-style learning, StoxPoker University, and personal coaching. Similarly, CardRunners will continue to deliver premier training services for advanced poker players.

The main effects of this merge will be as follows:

  • StoxPoker will no longer charge a $99 sign-up fee, and the price for a 12 month membership will drop by 33%. Besides this, CardRunners Gold members can add six months of StoxPoker for $118 (a savings of 30%) or add a full year for $150 (a savings of 55%).
  • On the other hand, StoxPoker members can enjoy a 12-month subscription to CardRunners for less than $22 per month.
    CardRunners will also offer 13 StoxPoker videos to its Gold members, and StoxPoker members will be able to access 10 CardRunners videos.
  • To further entice StoxPoker users to try CardRunners, a one day trial to CardRunners will be available for those based in the US who send a text message with “cardrunners” to 32075.

CardRunners Co-Founder Taylor Caby – known on the online poker world as “Green Plastic” – made this statement regarding the merger:

We’re delighted to add breadth and depth to our poker training resources while delivering a decisive competitive advantage to more than 14,000 members. Members now have two separate platforms to choose from as well as a ‘no sign-up fee’ option, which many customers have requested. Whether you are new to poker or playing nose-bleed stakes, we’ll make sure you’re ready with the top resources behind you.

On the other hand, StoxPoker cofounder Nick “Stoxtrader” Grudzien looks forward to the possibilities after this move:

StoxPoker Coaches and Customers now have more resources behind them than ever before. Our merger with CardRunners will deliver more value to our customers and allow our coaches to spend even more time on what they do best – produce well communicated training content for small and Mid-stakes players in almost all games.

Both companies will retain their customer base and focus, while integrating into a 360 degree poker training resource: while StoxPoker will keep its emphasis on low- and middle stakes games, CardRunners will continue offering high level training for advanced players.

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