Card Player, a popular poker portal, recently reported that the biggest winner of the year 2012 was Ben Sulsky and the biggest loser of the year was Gus Hansen. While Sulsky, who started playing high-stakes poker this year, retained his reputation as the top winner throughout the year, poker pro Gus Hansen lost more than $3.1 million playing poker.

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Though only 25 years of age, poker player Sulsky, who hails from New Hampshire, did extraordinarily well at both the newly re-launched Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker room. He won slightly more than $367,000 at Full Tilt Poker, which was re-launched by its one-time rival and new owner PokerStars early in Nov 2012, and slightly more than $3.5 million at PokerStars.

Sulsky won his largest poker jackpot ever when he was playing the $200/$400 PL Omaha poker games at PokerStars in Nov 2012. The jackpot was worth around $265,000, and the win earned Sulsky the reputation of being the biggest winner of 2012.

Gus Hansen, on the other hand, lost consistently throughout the year. According to a report published by High Stakes DB, the professional poker player lost more than $3.1 million after he retrieved his frozen poker funds from Full Tilt Poker. It was widely surmised that the poker player got careless about his gaming style and choice of strategies because he came into such a lot of money. Some players felt that Gus Hansen was just plain unlucky this way. Whatever the reason for his downslide, Hansen lost slightly over $3.1 million this year, becoming the biggest loser of 2012.

Besides Sulsky, a number of other poker players also did well, though not as well as Sulsky. A list of poker players whose total winnings this year exceed the $1 million mark is as follows: Jens Kyllonen won $2.4 million, Ben Tollerene won $1.9 million, Sebastian Sabic won $1.7 million, and Sven Heinecker won $1.6 million.

The year 2012 is now a thing of the past and a new year has set in. The poker gaming community has already started making wild guesses about who would be this year’s biggest winner and biggest loser. The world of poker is unpredictable and a totally unknown player could emerge as this year’s top winner. Only time can tell if a widely renowned pro will grab the title of biggest winner this year or a completely unknown poker talent will make it.

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