If there was a way to provide good legal online poker services to the American audience with a good assortment of payment options, then this website would have the quickest build up of customer base that anyone has ever encountered in the history of online poker. Now it remains to be seen if this site will be Carbon Poker.

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Carbon Poker, which had left the US market based on their customer service problems and cash-out issues, had stated that they would return to the US market after they have resolved everything, and so they have picked the right time now to return to the US market and offer those services for which there is a considerable demand that is not being met.

Carbon Poker in the Merge Network had served the US market before, but they had left the market due to certain issues they were facing. Carbon Poker has now decided to make a comeback into the US market to server US players with online poker sites. Their comeback is scheduled for the 15th of August, and latest by the 31st of August they should be online and functioning.

Carbon Poker has great graphics and several features that are unique to the site, and since the competition in the online poker market is on the low now, Carbon Poker will not have trouble getting customers at all. Carbon Poker features freerolls on a daily basis, and they have $50k or more in guaranteed tournament prizes every week. Carbon Poker claims to have one of the best VIP programs for players and they say that players can earn up to 47% in cashback bonuses.

Carbon Poker apparently features many offers that players can gain benefits from since they offer a free DragTheBar.com online poker training when players sign up, they also offer exclusive $10,000 Rake Chases for the top four rakers every month, video reviews and breakdowns on deposits to help players understand the site better. Carbon Poker’s site features many different functions that makes it extremely easy for the user to navigate throughout the site and get what they need. They probably already rank as one of the best sites in those that give several offers for the player’s benefit.

Carbon Poker has to be really careful about the hype and the media coverage, and about following the rules and regulations that have been outline in the US since even one mistake on their part can have the authorities running after them with indictments.

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