According to a report by Canadian Poker, which can be accessed at their site, the government of Portugal has directed, the giant online gaming company, which runs Bwin Poker, to stop advertising its online gaming services and sponsoring in Portugal.

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This directive follows on the heels of a Portuguese court ruling that the difference in Portuguese gambling laws for its local gambling companies and offshore gambling companies is giving an unfair advantage to, a giant online gaming company formed by the merger of PartyGaming, a UK based company that runs Party Poker, and Bwin, a gaming company based in Austria.

Thomas Reuters said that the court ruling will be implemented with effect from Monday although the sports teams of Portugal, who stand to lose the millions of dollars they have invested in sponsorship deals, have strongly opposed the move.

Leon Daniels, a spokesperson for Canadian Poker, said, “The only winners in this ruling are land-based casinos. Not allowing bwin to act as a sponsor may negatively affect Portugal’s teams — not to mention the negative impact it has on online poker players. This isn’t an issue like we saw with Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars in the U.S. Bwin, along with Party Poker and 888 Poker, are some of the few online gaming companies traded on the London Stock Exchange, and are considered the most reliable online poker operations in online gaming.”

Bwin Poker, 888 Poker, and Party Poker are known for their support of sports teams and sportspersons worldwide. Further speaking on the development, Daniels said that 888 Poker has been known to sponsor sports such as snooker, soccer, cricket, and darts and also poker players and poker clubs in Canada.

Besides sponsoring a wide range of sports, sports teams and clubs, and sportspersons, 888 Poker is a reliable brand, powered by sophisticated online gaming software, owing to which Canadian pokers never hesitate to vote 888 Poker as their favorite poker site online.

Daniels also explained that Bwin Poker and Party Poker also sponsor motor sports, soccer, and basketball events all over the world. The two companies are known for their honesty and the recent ruling by the Portuguese court will have an adverse effect on the nation’s sports.

Daniels said that the government of Canada welcomes sponsorship deals and that Canadian poker will be happy to see funds previously used for European sports now flowing into Canadian sports teams and events.

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