Full Tilt Poker is no longer the top dog; not only has the site lost its title of being one of the most popular poker rooms on the internet but it has gained the reputation of being a ponzi site not paying back its players.

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Recent news reports reveal that the site has been facing more problems and this no longer can be attributed to just the company’s bad luck. The Full Tilt Poker site is now facing another class action lawsuit filed against the company, and this time it is in Canada.

The Canadian Consumer Protection Organization has filed a lawsuit against the Full Tilt Poker site on behalf of Canadian poker players. The attorney for the Consumer Law Group, Inc., Jeff Orenstein filed the lawsuit in Quebec, Montreal’s Superior Court. Apparently, as stated in the lawsuit, the attorney and the stated CLG are looking to settle around $15 million that Full Tilt Poker is supposedly holding from Canadian poker players. The CLG is also looking to add more players in the lawsuit against FTP.

The class action lawsuit filed by the CLG falls closely in the lines of the American class action lawsuit filed against FTP and accuses the company of falsely making use of the Canadian payment processors in order to process gambling payments. The class action lawsuit also states that the FTP company is withholding a large amount of the Canadian Players’ funds.

In July, there was a class action lawsuit filed against FTP in southern New York, wherein players were seeking repayment. Unfortunately for him Phil Ivey has been mentioned in the same way even in the Canadian lawsuit, stating that he had owned as much as 5% of the company.

Strong supporters of the Full Tilt Poker site believe that FTP is having a run of bad luck since Black Friday. The Full Tilt Poker site has received blow after blow after the AGCC took away their license. Some FTP supporters blame this incident for the site’s problems and inability to get back on its feet. It was after the site lost its license that the poker community found out on a large scale what the company had been up to; this resulted in more lawsuits for the company. The AGCC is yet to announce its decision on the hearing for Full Tilt’s license consideration, but there are speculations that this hearing probably will not bring a concluding statement to Full Tilt’s woes.

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