The US online poker industry has come to a sorry state after Black Friday and Black Tuesday. The smaller US online poker sites are now eating away at player accounts, as they are unable to handle the burgeoning poker player traffic exiting from thirteen of top poker sites. Many people believe that the shut down of 13 of the top online poker sites catering to US poker payers plus the inability of smaller poker sites to make big payouts will be the end of the line for US poker.

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Cake Poker, a well known poker site denied a poker player 60k of his winnings. This has left many US poker players losing hope.

Tony Guoga, is the Cake Poker player who won $60000 recently and now he is running around trying to retrieve his money since Cake Poker seems to have “eaten” it up. And ironically, they have asked the player to “understand” the issue faced by them.

Cake Poker claims to have had a security mishap and hence was deposited with fraudulent money, which was the money that went into the poker table that Tony played at. Tony won $60000 of fraudulent money according to Cake Poker and hence they have removed the money from his account, leaving only a letter of explanation.

It seems that the player ends up losing money whether it is the fault of the online poker site or whether it is due to the US government, and this is even more reason for online poker to be legalized. With no set regulations in place, Cake Poker may get away with stealing $60000 from Tony’s account.

Tony was contacted by the Cake Poker management who apologized for the inconvenience but also conveniently took away his winnings.

Tony took his problem to the poker forums where he received various different responses to the same. Poker players and others at poker forums have stated that “chip dumping” might be the issue and the alleged security issue might be true, but Tony still has an active account, and hence this is a rare possibility.

Forum posters were of the opinion that the poker site should pay up and not eat up the player’s money since it’s their responsibility to keep the site secure and they have failed on that account. They should be dealing with the security issue and running after the fraudsters and not make the player run for his money.

Form posters have also questioned whether Tony would have received an amount in return if in fact he had lost to the fraudulent money table and not won at it. Tony is now seeking legal advice in trying to get his money back from the Cake Poker site.

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