Caesars Entertainment recently took action on an initiative that has been long pending. Caesars is one of the largest casino groups in the world, and they are the right people to be standing by the argument that US gambling laws need to evolve and incorporate better laws since it is strange to have laws that allows US players to gamble but does not allow US companies to offer the service of online gambling entertainment.

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Gary Loveman who is the chief executive for Caesars at Las Vegas expressed his views in a recent interview to the Financial Times saying, “I can’t think of another example where there is something an American can buy that no American entity can provide. I do believe there is a will in Congress to correct this …. we ought to clean up the regulatory and policing environment and that’s what we’re seeking. First, it creates the appropriate legal and enforcement environment where the game is being provided fairly by regulated entities that are known to the American authorities. Second, there’s a lot of job creation associated with this; we could provide thousands of American jobs if given the right to do so and there [also] would be the benefit of tax revenues.”

He was keen on the fact that it would be beneficial for the US government to bring in a regulatory agenda for this matter, since there is a vacuum left in the market that has a lot of demand.

There are a few people like Harry Reid and Barney Frank in the Congress who wants things to change, but lobbying for the change has begun four months after ‘Black Friday’, when the top three US poker sites were shut down, and several of their authorities were arrested. Following this in suite there were many other indictments for online poker sites that were operating illegally in the US. European poker operators who had quit US after the introduction of the 2006 UIGEA are now ready to return to the US market in order to cater to the players.

Casino operators based in Las Vegas were initially opposing the legalization of online poker in the US, but now they approve of this too. A few alliances were formed and dissolved, but they are still open to the idea of online poker legalization and favor the same. After all it means more business for them in some way or the other.

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