In his blog published in Card Player, Doyle Brunson has stated that he is being accused of extending support to Howard Lederer just because they happen to be good friends. While Brunson clarifies that he does not say that Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson are guilty, he definitely states that the two professional poker players have been misunderstood a lot and that they never had the intention to cheat anyone. Those interested in Doyle Brunson’s point of views about the Full Tilt Poker episode can check out his four blogs at his site.

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Brunson maintains that Ferguson and Lederer, being poker players and not businessmen, were really not aware of the financial mess Full Tilt Poker was in before the incidents of Black Friday. While it is surprising that the board of directors of all people wouldn’t know about FTP’s financial conditions, the fact is that the board of directors was just an advisory body, which had no connection to the financial aspect of running FTP. All it did was read the reports submitted to it.

The only person who knows everything there is to know about the Full Tilt Poker saga is Ray Bitar, its chief executive officer, who is still running what is left of it. Bitar’s name is on every scrap of document related to Full Tilt Poker, and he is currently trying to make the best out of a hopeless situation, opines Brunson and adds that whatever steps Bitar is taking right now are under the careful situation of his lawyers. Revealing that he played some Chinese Poker with Eli Elezra, Lederer, and Bitar a few weeks before Black Friday, Brunson says that Bitar knows more about FTP’s financial condition than Howard Lederer.

Brunson is absolutely sure that FTP did not continue receiving poker money from its US customers in spite of knowing it was in financial mire. In such case, there was a provision that allowed players to withdraw their funds while shareholders could retain part of the company.

Brunson also rightly feels that the only people who will ever profit by the FTP saga are not the ex players of FTP or FTP itself or the US government, but the gaming advocates. The FTP affair can drag on for years and the lawyers’ bills are going to huge. At the same time, he does not feel that the successful completion of the Tapie deal will make things any better.

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