The world is ever changing and so are the laws. In order to accommodate socio-economic and technological changes, laws may be edited or changed entirely. British MPs have bantered long about the need to change or reform gambling laws for a long time. Since the gambling industry has seen many advances, especially technologically, the old laws have gone moot.
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Recently, the Commons culture committee persuaded the government to deregulate the present laws further, in order to accommodate the current trends. According to their request, casinos and betting shops must be given the room to expand. While they have asked casinos to be allowed to move to new locations easily, they have also asked for betting shops to be allowed to have more slot machines, to provide for the increase in demand. However, British MPs are aware of the risks involved, especially with underage gambling among children. In this regard, a move to deregulate further would move forward only if the security issues involving children are studied closely, and a strict rule is imposed to protect the vulnerable.
The cross-party committee also noted that the 2005 Gambling Act – a bill to liberalize the gambling industry is fraught with many discrepancies. Over the years, the gambling legislations were edited and implemented to go with the changing market. However, if you were to rewind the timeline to 50 years ago, you would notice that it is obvious that the entire system is primitive and outdated.
Divided over the idea of allowing casinos to expand, British MPs argued that any new license that needs to be issued should come from the local bodies, rather that the central government. If a particular gambling firm had the backing of their council, they should be allowed to expand and move to any place they deem suitable for their business.
Among the many things that the MPs have recommended for a change, some are looking to decrease licensing fees for independent brokers and increase public awareness on “problem gambling.”
However, looking at a different angle, the news of a reform has only angered the “anti-gambling groups” within the UK. As many, argue how allowing casinos and betting shops to expand will considerably deter the progress of problem gamblers, the need to reform gambling to this extent remains undecided. Jack Brindell a former gambling addict is positive that a reform of this nature would only harm the problem gamblers.

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