Following the US federal government’s crackdown on prominent online poker sites PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker, and, the demand for live poker in the card rooms of Bay Area has risen.

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A large number of online poker players in Bay Area got the shock of their lives when Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars withdrew their services from the US. Carolyn Kemp, a Poker Players Alliance spokesperson, said that around 8 – 10 million poker players in America were playing paid online poker games at offshore poker sites prior to the federal crackdown. A large number of those players are now seeking substitutes in card rooms for what they have lost.

The card rooms in Bay Area are now overcrowded, clearly indicating the fact that online poker players are now turning to live poker in large numbers. One of the dealers said under conditions of anonymity that online poker players are now moving to either smaller online poker sites that are still in operation and accepting US poker players or to card rooms for live poker.

Unfortunately, card rooms cannot introduce more tables because they are issued licenses that limit the number of tables they can use. Venues such as Bay 101, a card room based in San Jose, are mulling over the possibilities of designing new tournaments to accommodate the rising number of customers. Card rooms are now falling over themselves to hire additional dealers or assign a larger work load to already employed croupiers.

However, online poker players might have to employ a totally new strategy if they want to win live poker games. Card room sharks will not waste time before capitalizing on the weaknesses of former online poker room sharks. Usually, online poker players are more aggressive. Card room sharks can easily identify them because they avoid making eye contact, hardly observe their opponents to check out their body language and find out if they are bluffing, refuse to chop blinds, and will forget to tip the dealers after winning a big pot because such things are non-existent at online poker rooms.

Players who frequent card rooms can therefore look forward to a lot of fun. Card rooms will have a number of large jackpots up for grabs. Initially, they might be alarmed with the aggressive nature of online poker players, but ultimately, they will learn to use their weaknesses and lack of knowledge of live poker strategies to their advantage.

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