The New Jersey Poker pro has had his shares of bad days lately and his last attempt to win a WSOP bracelet was during the $2,500 WSOP 2010 tournament, a day that he is not likely to forget. There are many such inspiring stories told at the WSOP, and Meinders finds a special spot in them. He grabbed plenty of attention for his narrow escapes and surprise defeats. After years of falling right below the line, 2012 World Series of Poker event turned out to be his redemption. His almost-win at the WSOP 2010 against Dutch Boyd strengthened his resolve to fight for his bracelet. In 2012, amidst a crowd of 366 professional players, Meinders, blared the ‘battle horns’ as he prepared to fight for the first place. He defeated his opponents at a shootout and won $116,118 – his third best score. Brian Meinders’ to-date career earnings totals to about $459,111.
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A shootout event is a game play where one must defeat all of the standing opponents at three tables in a single- table format. Meinders probably knew exactly how he would go about this, as he sent all his opponents walking one after the other. Meinders admits it was far from easy, as he battled it out against some of the Poker’s best including, Victor Ramdin, Brock Parker, Ian Johns and Matthew Schreiber. There was a fine divide between the warring parties, as Christopher Vitch, Meinders and Darin Thomas had built their stacks up, while the rest slowly succumbed and were eliminated. Meinders was on a rampage as he eliminated Johns first (9th place), Sean Rice (8th place), Preston Derden (6th place), Parker (5th place) and Ramdin (4th place). Victor Ramdin, once again lost his chance to win his first WSOP. Ramdinwas eliminated at 4th place and earned $37,897. Meinders ousted Vitch next. Vitch entered the final table as the chip leader. Meinders then rammed Thomas heads-on, before winning his first ever WSOP bracelet.
What must be noted here is Meinders’ sheer determination to win. Although he faced three tables, and won all three against a smaller group of people compared to the other WSOP events, winning a shootout is extremely difficult.
This would definitely not be the last of Meinders we will see. The WSOP 2012 Shootout winner will head back to his regular Poker rooms at the Borgata and Parx.

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