Brian Altman has won the World Poker Tour (WPT) Lucky Hearts Poker Open held in the Sunshine State.

The event attracted 1,027 poker players, who generated much more than the guaranteed prize of $3,000,000. Among the participants were widely acclaimed poker pros such as Jared Jaffee, Nenad Medic, Anthony Zinno, Andy Frankenberger, Amir Babakhani, Noah Schwartz, and Shawn Cunix. The poker action soon boiled down to final table play with Brian Altman, Mark Dube, Sanjay Gehi, Kelly Minkin, Greg Rosen, and Jon Graham as the finalists. Altman was in the chip lead with 10,330,000 chips in his stack.

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The first player to bust was Jon Graham, who got eliminated when the 12th hand was being played. Five hands later, Sanjay Gehi busted from the table. Four players were now left playing at the table, and this time, the play lasted for more than 50 hands. Greg Rosen finished in the fourth position.

Several female poker players such as Lily Kiletto, Gigi Gagne, and Abbey Daniels have come close to winning the WPT championship titles in Florida, but none of them have been able to succeed. Kelly Minkin has finished in the cash several times in the course of her short poker career. She also won the LA Poker Classic prelim tourney once in January. Although she started as the holder of the third biggest stack of chips, she finished in the third place.

With Kelly out of the game, the heads-up match began between Brian Altman and Mark Dube. Altman continued to be the chip leader and got lucky many times in the course of the heads-up play. When the last hand was being played, Dube, who held an Ace pair, raised to 900,000 and Altman responded with a call. But the cards that turned up on the flop acted in Altman’s favor.

The WPT will cross the borders to visit the Niagara Fallsview Casino, where the CA$5,000 Fallsview Poker Classic Main Event, a televised event, will be played from Feb 13 to Feb 16.

The final table results of the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Main Event are as follows. As the champion and runner-up of the event, Brian Altman and Mark Dube won $723,008 and $434,462, respectively. The players who finished third and fourth were Kelly Minkin and Greg Rosen, who won $262,912 and $220,189, respectively. The players who finished fifth and sixth were Sanjay Gehi and Jon Graham, who won $180,752 and $146,245, respectively.