Phil Galfond started his Galfond Challenge with the objective of moving past his fears and mental barriers that were keeping him from playing his best and enjoying poker. During the last couple of years, Galfond has played four opponents counting his latest opponent Brandon Adams and he has beaten all four of them.
Brandon Adams Loses $370,000
Brandon Adams was the latest poker player to take up the famous Galfond Challenge. The New Orleans poker pro is an accomplished poker player with over $5 million in career prize money and a best live cashout at $819,000. He is the number one ranked player on the Louisiana All-Time Money List.
Adams and Galfond entered into an agreement to play on two tables at They agreed to play $100/$200 PLO across 10,000 hands and also had a side bet. If Adams were to exit the Challenge early, he would have to pay out an additional $100,000 to Galfond.
The match started over the weekend and things were not going well for Adams. Galfond has only $2.9 million in career prize money based on the Hendon Mob listing but is considered by many in the poker community to be one of the top PLO players in the world. Adams found himself training by $270,000 and only about 30 percent of the agreed hands were finished.
The first hand session saw 700 hands play out and Adams lost $75,000. The next day he had a better run and won back $40,000 but the third day was a bad one for Adams as he lost $150,000.
Instead of battling it out and seeing if he can recover from his deficit, Adams decided that it was best for him to quit and not pile on the losses. He told Galfond that he was exiting the game even though he had to cough up another $100,000 as per the agreed prop bet. In total, Adams suffered more than $370,000 in losses.
Galfond Grows In Confidence
Phil Galfond has dominated his Galfond challenge and has grown stronger with each challenge. His first match was against VeniVidi1993 and he had a bad run and lost close to $1 million but never game up. He eventually bounced back and ended up beating VeniVidi1993.
His second match in the Galfond challenge was a lot more one sided. He took on ActionFreak who found it difficult to match Galfond and was always behind. He ended up losing $114,000 to Galfond. The third match was against Chance Kornuth who founded Chip Leader Coaching. They agreed to play a total of 35,000 hands at $200/$400 stakes which went on for weeks.
Kornuth had a good run and looked like he was going to be the first player to beat Galfond. However Galfond launched a remarkable comeback and got ahead by over $726,000 which led to Kornuth quitting after 25,400 hands. His last opponent Brandon Adams turned out to be the easiest contest so far in the Galfond Challenge.
Dan Cates Up Next For Galfond?   
Phil Galfond has been so dominant playing in the Galfond challenge that it is becoming difficult for him to get good opponents. Galfond has said that he is in talks with Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates to see if he can get him on the Galfond challenge and be his 5th opponent.
So far we don’t have any confirmation as to whether Cates will accept the challenge nor do we have any information as to when Galfond will schedule the new challenge. If he does manage to convince Dan Cates to play him, it could very well be his biggest test to date in the Galfond challenge.
Galfond built a reputation for himself playing PLO games during the Full Tilt Poker days. If Cates accepts and Galfond defeats him, it is going to be a lot more difficult to find new opponents.

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